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Dentists and oral surgeons use local anesthesia to cause loss of sensation or "numbness" in a certain part of the mouth, so the patient feels no pain during the dental procedure. There are many different tools used for local anesthesia, including syringes, needles, anesthetic cartridges, and needle stick protectors.

dentist administering local anesthetic
Dentist Administering a Local Anesthetic to a Dental Patient


Anesthetic aspirating syringes are used to administer local anesthetic, and are fitted with a disposable cartridge and needle. When the user depresses the piston rod, it then depresses the rubber stopper on the cartridge, which forces the medication out of the needle.


Needles can be short or long, depending upon whether they are going to be used on the maxillary arch (short) or the mandibular arch (long). Needles are available in different lengths and gauges. Once they have been used, they are disposed of.

Anesthetic Cartridges

Anesthetic cartridges contain the medication to be delivered. They can be made of plastic or glass, and are disposed of after one use. There are many different kinds of anesthetic solutions available, and the color of the cartridge indicates the type of anesthetic being used.

Needle Stick Protector

The needle stick protector enables the person administering the anesthetic to cap the needle sheath with one hand after injection, which prevents percutaneous injuries. There are several different kinds of needle stick protectors available.
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