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Endodontic tools are used during root canals, when the pulp of the tooth is completely removed to save the natural tooth.

root canal steps
Steps in a Root Canal Treatment

Probe/Root Canal Explorer

Also called an "endodontic explorer," a probe or root canal explorer is used to find canal openings in the pulp chamber. It is double ended, with the working end longer than a regular explorer, so it can reach canal openings.

Long-Shank Spoon Excavator

This tool, with its long shank, is designed to reach deep inside the tooth to the base of the pulp chamber. It comes in a range of sizes.

Locking Forceps

Locking forceps are used to safely transfer material in and out of the mouth, without dropping it.

Irrigating Syringe

This disposable syringe cleans and disinfects the canal during endodontic treatment. It is fitted with a needle with a special side-exiting delivery, which prevents the needle from binding in the canal. Both the needle and the syringe come in several different sizes.

Barbed Broach

These disposable tools, which have barbed wire protrusions on the shaft, are used to remove intact pulp. They are disposed of after use.

Root Canal File

Root canal files come in graduating sizes, and are used to clean and contour the inner canal walls. The user starts with the smallest file needed, then gradually increases the size of the file to smooth, shape, and enlarge the canal. Root canal files come in two types: K type and Hedstrom.

Rotary Instrument

Rotary instruments made of nickel and titanium are used with a handpiece and motor to clean and shape the canal.

Spiral Filler

A spiral filler or paste filler is a small, rotating spiral used to place materials into the canal. It fits onto a handpiece or motor.
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