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Dental hygiene instruments are used to clean and perform regular maintenance on teeth.

Universal Curette

Universal curettes are used to scale surfaces, remove deposits and stains from teeth, and remove soft tissue of the periodontal pocket and root planning. The tool can be single or double ended, and comes in a range of sizes. The blade, which is at a 90-degree angle to the lower shank, comes with two cutting edges and a rounded toe.

Area-Specific Curette

This tool is used to remove deposits from the subgingival surfaces. There is a curette that is specific to the anterior teeth, and another specific to the posterior teeth. The curved blade is designed to adapt to specific teeth.

Extended Area-Specific Curette

This tool is designed to remove deposits in deep periodontal pockets. There is a curette that is specific to anterior teeth, and another specific to posterior teeth. Mini extended area-specific curettes are half the length of extended area-specific curettes, and are designed for narrow areas.

Implant Scaler

This tool removes plaque, calculus, and stains from implants, and is designed so that it doesn't scratch or cause damage to implants.

Sickle Scaler

The sickle scaler removes large amounts of plague and calculus from supragingival surfaces. Blades can be curved or straight, but have two cutting edges that meet at a point.

Ultrasonic Scaling Tools

Ultrasonic scaling tools include power scaling units and instrument tips. The tips, which vary according to where and how they will be used, are attached to the scaling unit, which uses high-frequency sound waves to convert energy into vibrations.

dental scaler and tooth shield illustration
Cartoon Character Holding a Dental Scaler and a Tooth Shield

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