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Enamel cutting instruments include enamel hatchets, enamel hoes, enamel chisels, angle formers, gingival margin trimmers, and excavators. The handle of enamel tools come in various shapes and sizes, while the shank can be angled or non-angled. The working end can be fitted with a cutting edge, bevel, point, nib, or beak.

Enamel Hatchet

An enamel hatchet is used to remove enamel during cavity preparation. It can be single or double ended, and its cutting edge is typically on the same plane as its handle.

Enamel Hoe

The enamel hoe is also used in cavity preparation, specifically to clean and smooth floors and walls. It can also be used to make line angles during cavity preparation. The cutting edge or the enamel hoe is almost perpendicular to its angle.

Enamel Chisel

Enamel chisels are used to remove enamel during cavity preparation. There are various types of enamel chisels, including straight chisels, Wedelstaedt chisels, and binangle chisels. Straight chisels can be single or doubled ended and have a single-bevel cutting edge. Wedelstaedt chisels are similar to straight chisels, but they have a curved blade. Binangle chisels have two angles for cutting edges.

Angle Former

During cavity preparation, an angle former is used to accentuate line and point angles of the teeth. Angle formers can be single or double ended, and their cutting edge is positioned at an angle.

Gingival Margin Trimmer

Gingival margin trimmers come in two varieties: mesial and distal. Mesial trimmers bevel the circular walls of the mesial retention areas, while distal trimmers do the same job in the distal retention area. Gingival margin trimmers are double ended, with a cutting edge at an angle to the blade.

Spoon Excavators

Spoon excavators are used primarily to remove carious dentin, though they can also be used to remove crowns or crown cement. They come in large and small sizes, and are double-ended.

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Tooth Enamel and Gums, Showing Plaque and Caries Formation

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