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Crown and bridge instruments are used to replace natural teeth with fixed prosthodontics such as crowns, bridges, implant restorations, veneers, and inlays, and with removable prosthodontics such as dentures.

placing a dental implant head and bridge
Dental Implant Head and Bridge

Cord Packer

A cord packer is used to pack gingival retraction cord into the sulcus, prior to taking a final impression. Cord packer is available in many different sizes and shapes.

Crown and Bridge Scissors

Crown and bridge scissors are used to trim temporary crowns and matrix bands, and to cut gingival retraction cord. These scissors come in many different sizes and with several different edges, including straight, curved, narrow, or wide cutting edges.

Contouring Pliers

Contouring pliers are used to contour and crimp stainless steel and temporary crowns. While the shapes of the beaks may vary, one is typically concave and the other convex, for flexibility in contouring.

Crown-Removing Forceps

These forceps are used to remove provisional crown from a tooth, and come in a variety of sizes.

Crown Removers

Crown removers are used to remove permanent crowns from teeth during the try-in phase, and also to remove provisional crowns. There are two types of crown removers: maxillary crown removers and mandibular crown removers.

Wooden Bite Sticks

Wooden bite sticks are soft wooden sticks that come in several sizes. The patient bites down on the stick, helping the dentist seat the permanent crown.
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