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A lot of moisture is generated during dental procedures, and it's important that the amount of moisture is controlled. Evacuation instruments such as evacuation tips, cotton wool rolls, and air/water syringes can be used to control moisture.

Evacuation Tips

There are several different types of evacuation tips available, depending upon whether the goal is to remove small amounts of moisture, large amounts of moisture, or to assist during surgery.

High-evacuation tips are attached to high-velocity tubing on a dental unit to remove large amounts of debris and fluid from the mouth. They can be made from stainless steel, autoclavable plastic, or disposable plastic. Low-velocity tips are attached to low-velocity tubing on a dental unit, and are used to remove smaller amounts of fluid. Low-velocity tips are made of disposable plastic, and can be bent to accommodate specific areas of the mouth. Surgical tips are designed specifically to remove fluid from the oral cavity and surgical site.

Cotton Wool or Pellets

Cotton wool rolls or pellets are placed in the mouth to absorb blood or saliva, and can also be used to deliver materials to and from the mouth.

Cotton Wool Roll Holders

Cotton wool roll holders hold cotton wool against the mandibular teeth to control moisture, and are also used to retract the cheek and tongue.

Air/Water Syringe

An air-water syringe, sometimes called a "3-in-1 syringe," sprays air, water, or a combination of both to rinse and dry teeth. Plastic disposable tips are available, as are different angled tips depending upon the area to be accessed.

dental air/water syringe
Dental Air/Water Syringe

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